Christian European Leaders Gather in Albania

ALBANIA — Christian leaders from 30 countries across Europe gathered in Albania recently for a conference to be equipped, inspired and pray for a move of God across the continent. GNA reporter Peter Wooding was there to find out more about the impact of this event.

More than 120 believers who head up various ministries from 30 countries across Europe gathered recently near Tirana in Albania for a Christian Leaders Conference.

Many in attendance were leaders who partner with the children’s charity Cry, Care and Relief for the Young, including Norena Kudaeva, who runs a ministry to special needs children in St. Petersburg in Russia.

Norena Kudaeva:

Of course, with the help of Christ we were able to achieve something which was not even imaginable at the time.

For example, when we started 15 years ago the project with Down Syndrome kids, the society was not ready.

So our school was the first who organised groups for them, we organised group supports for mums and we invited psychologists, speech therapists who were able to help those kids really to adapt in society.

Cry founder Martin Dunsford was one of the key people behind the conference.

Martin Dunsford:

God showed us that it was time to gather people together and meet together and pray for revival in Europe, pray for a move of salvation, healing power.

And these leaders shared their thoughts on the impact of this conference.

Christian Leaders:

Laughing together, weeping together, praying together.

Enjoying coming together with my brothers and sisters, hearing stories, testimonies, being inspired by what God is doing through them in different parts of Europe.

It’s being faithful to what God was saying to us, and call to leave our local reality and do not wait for the war to be stopped.

Just coming together is a big blessing. We understand that we are not alone. Our local church is not all the kingdom, the kingdom is more wider.

Seeing that all people coming in Albania from those 30 different nations, it gives a good message that in Albania are good people, and it is a good place also. People that they love Jesus, love the Lord and love the place.

So these leaders came away from this gathering equipped and encouraged to continue their vital work amongst the most marginalized young people across Europe.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Christian European Leaders Gather in Albania

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