Over 50,000 Hear Good News at OU Football Stadium

‘Largest Student-Led Religious Event in History’

NORMAN OK — A crowd of approximately 16,000 people converged on Oklahoma Memorial Stadium April 29 for “Fill the Stadium” (FTS). This Christian outreach included award-winning recording artists Chance the Rapper, Kari Jobe, and Chandler Moore and a message from Evangelist Nick Hall.

The first-of-its-kind student-led event successfully reached a total of 50,000, including nearly 35,000 virtual viewers who tuned in live.The first-of-its-kind student-led event successfully reached a total of 50,000, including nearly 35,000 virtual viewers who tuned in live from across the country, a number that is rapidly growing each day. Just one 2-minute clip posted on Instagram sharing a part of gospel from Hall has been viewed over 230,000.

FTS began with the vision of University of Oklahoma students Josh Robinson and Nathan Wong and grew to more than 150 students who worked hard to bring to fruition what “might be the largest university outreach in American history,” according to Craig Groeschel the senior pastor of Life. Church, America’s largest church.

Reflecting on the dedication of the student leaders, Pulse President and CEO Nick Hall said “Watching students pray for and see friends come to Jesus, host the event onstage, and then seeing those same students tearing down chairs at midnight will forever be my memory of these humble servant leaders.”

Reflecting on the event, Nick Hall said: “FTS blew me away. The hunger and passion of students were beyond anything I’ve seen. At least 2,000 people responded to the Gospel, through both first-time decisions and re-dedications. Students traveled from as far as 10 hours away and now want to bring what they experienced across the nation.

“I believe Gen Z is poised to be the most sold-out revival generation in history. They have seen devastation and chaos and watched our world unravel in real time from their phones. They are not going down the same old paths because they have seen firsthand that they don’t work. Jobs and relationships will not satisfy. Money and fame will not satisfy. Only Jesus can fill their God-shaped void, which is why events like this will become increasingly common.”

To watch a recording of the event, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGAaScObO68.

About Pulse

Founder and President Nick Hall started Pulse in 2006 on his college campus. Since then, Pulse has seen 318 million people impacted by the Gospel and two million people have responded to Jesus through their initiatives. Pulse is a prayer and evangelism movement on mission to empower the Church and Make Jesus Known. Since Pulse’s founding, they have linked arms with hundreds of ministries and churches around the world to fuel evangelistic movements. Whether hosting a big outreach event or providing the evangelistic voice at another organization’s event, training evangelists on American college campuses, or overseas in Africa, the common goal of everything they do is to share the hope of Jesus. Learn more at www.pulse.org.

About Nick Hall

Nick Hall is on earth to tell people about Jesus. He started a grassroots movement as a college student and has spent the last 20 years traveling the world to meet people where they are and tell them that they matter. As a student at North Dakota State University, Nick’s life was changed when he wrote a paper titled “Pulse” for his English class hoping to combat the depression, substance abuse, and suicide that was impacting his friends and their campus. That paper unleashed one of the largest student-led efforts in American history, launching a nonprofit that exists today. Through Pulse events, Nick has shared a message of hope with over 300 million people around the globe. Everywhere Nick goes, he talks to people about faith and the deeper issues of life, because he knows what it feels like to make mistakes, experience heartbreak, and be alone. One of the goals of Nick’s life is to come alongside students who desire to impact their high school or college campus, because that’s where this all began. Nick lives in Minneapolis with his wife Tiffany and 3 children.

Website: pulse.org | Facebook: pulsemovement | Instagram: @pulse.movement | Youtube: Pulse

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