Christian Indonesian Governor accused of blasphemy

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Gov. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, a Christian and Chinese ethnic minority in Indonesia has been accused of blasphemy against the Quran.

At first the protests were peaceful, but them violence started.

According to the BBC, “One elderly man died, the Associated Press reports, citing police. Several other people, including police officers, have been injured.”

Though Gov. Basuki has apologized to his opponents, they still want to see him put into prison.

Fox News records their sentiments through one protestor named Achmad who said, “Only one thing can stop us: Ahok’s arrest.”

Some even called for the death of Gov. Basuki.

BBC reports, “Some protesters at Friday’s rally carried signs calling for the governor’s death, the BBC’s Rebecca Henschke in Jakarta says. ”

Gov. Basuki explains what he was trying to say.

He says to AlJazeera, “Police are investigating the case against Purnama, who has apologized for his remarks, insisting he was not criticizing the Quaranic verse but those who used it to attack him.” The Christians of Indonesia are in danger of being accused under the blasphemy laws.

Many of those who were protesting for Gov. Basuki’s arrest are proponents of Sharia law.

Fox News explains, “The Islamic Defenders Front, a vigilante group that wants to impose Shariah law, is demanding Ahok’s arrest after a video circulated online in which he joked to an audience about a passage in the Quran that could be interpreted as prohibiting Muslims from accepting non-Muslims as leaders. The governor has apologized for the comment and met with police.”

Christian Missionary Alliance works in countries around the world to share Christ’s hope with those who don’t know that hope.

One who is seeking for answers is Dan. He had a dream of Jesus, and he wanted to learn more about Him.

Not one of his religious leaders could answer his questions about Jesus, so he went to Yosi, a Christian Missionary Alliance missionary.

After a few times of meeting with Dan, Yosi gave him a Bible. Dan started to read the Gospel of Mark.

Please pray for many more in Indonesia to come to know the Lord, especially through Christian Missionary Alliance. Pray for this Governor and his persecutors, that they would come to know Christ’s love.

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