Miners killed and injured after mine collapse because of earthquake



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In late November of 2016, there was an earthquake that made a mine collapse located in Poland.

According to a Fox News report, “The tremor occurred shortly after 9 p.m. Tuesday some 1,100 meters (3.610 feet) underground in the Rudna mine, in Polkowice, southwestern Poland.”

At the time, there were five miners missing and three killed.

The Telegraph explains, “Chief Executive Radoslaw Domagalski-Labedzki said earlier two of the miners killed were aged 33 and 47 years and their families had already been informed. One of these miners died after he was taken to the surface, the company said.”

With the earthquake, miners were trapped under the surface, making it almost impossible to get to those who were injured or killed.

Per CDA News, “Sections of tunnels hundreds of metres below the surface were blocked by rocks, preventing access to the missing miners, company officials said.”

The mine in Poland is owned by KHGM, which owns mines around the world also used to be owned by communists.

According to CDA News, “KGHM Mines, under communism, were known as the Polish State Mining and Metallurgical Combine. After the mines underwent partial privatization in 1991, Poland shifted to a market economy and KGHM has become a leading producer of copper and silver. The company also owns mines in Chile, Canada and the United States.”

Some of the miners were injured by the earthquake in the mine and sent to the hospital.

The Telegraph reports, “Domagalski-Labedzki also said nine people working in the mine suffered spinal and head injuries and five were still in hospital.”

This is not an isolated case. Other miners at KHGM mines around the world have been killed.

Per CDA News, “This year, counting the two miners who so far have died at the Rudna mine in Poland, eight miners have been killed at KHGM mines.”

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