Christians Reject the Order to Stop Preaching

COLOMBIA — In Colombia, Christians like Leonardo refuses to let the threats from the FARC stop him from preaching. He has been assaulted and threatened by the guerrilla group, but he continues to openly share the Gospel.

In Colombia, the pastors are forced to ask permission to preach to paramilitary groups and guerrillas. These rebel groups believe that Christianity is a threat to their violent political ambitions.

Outside his church in Colombia, Leonardo was denied the opportunity to preach to the members of the guerrilla. But instead of giving up, Leonardo took a speaker and a microphone and was disposed to preach in an open space nearby.

His church grew up to 70 adults and 53 children. Most had never heard the Gospel. It is dangerous to share the Gospel openly, but Leonardo knows he is not alone. He knows God is with him and counts on the prayers and support of the believers around the world. Pray that the evangelists in Colombia are strengthened through the prayers that are raised for them.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Christians Reject the Order to Stop Preaching

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