Christian Communities Living in Fear in Uganda

SYRIA — In Uganda, fear and attacks from Islamic ADF militants are increasing. But thanks to your prayers, local Open Doors partners are supporting affected Christians with trauma counselling and spiritual support.

*Names changed for security reasons

Edward BamcwaniraRetired Bishop, East Rwenzori Diocese:

We are living in fear. And whoever says there is no fear, there is no threat, is not telling the truth.

In Uganda, freedom of religion is widely supported by the government and society. But in the West, not far from the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a terrorist cell of ADF extremists has been attacking Christian communities.

JenestaVictim’s neighbour:

On 18th of December we faced a terrible situation in our village. At around 10pm the rebels attacked us and slaughtered some people. My neighbour was a leader for women at the local council. They found her at her place of business and they hacked her and four others to death.

10 people in all died in the attack on Kaya Bandara village, close to the forest where the terrorists are believed to hide out. Afterwards, many residents fled their homes in fear, leaving them vulnerable in other ways too.


We are all badly affected. We cannot work our farms anymore because we are too afraid. And since we are not there to guard our farms, wild animals come and freely destroy our crops, so people are hungry. Another danger is malaria, since people are now staying outside where they are unprotected from mosquitoes.

Just one week later, on Christmas night, the ADF cell attacked another nearby village. A lady who was the missions coordinator at her local church was killed, along with two of her grandchildren aged five and thirteen.

AuditaVictim’s son:

In the morning I found out that my mother had been killed. Everything in the house had been burnt down. There was nothing left. My mother’s body was burned and most of her body had turned to ashes. I was lost for words. There and then my mind wasn’t even working anymore. I just pray to God that he would help me and give me the strength to bury my mother.


When the people are distressed and when people are suffering and when people are leaving their loved ones, definitely the church is greatly affected.

But Ugandan Christians are not left alone. Our prayers and support can encourage them to keep trusting in God. After the same ADF terrorist cell targeted a secondary school in June 2023 and brutally killed 42 people. Last October, Open Doors partners ran a three-day trauma care workshop for families of the victims.

Pastor PhillipEast Rwenzori Diocese:

I want to thank God for Open Doors because they made a programme to come and check on what happened here and they continue to defend the faith. I am asking the church here and all over the world to pray for Uganda and for other countries worldwide that are facing these attacks. Pray that faith in Christ will remain strong.

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