Taiwan Earthquake Rocks Island Nation as Christian Charities Respond with Aid and Prayers

NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN — As Taiwan was rocked by it’s worst earthquake since 1999 Christian ministries were quick to provide urgent disaster response as well as mobilize prayers for the nation.

The 7.4 magnitude quake has claimed at least 9 lives and the island nation has been hit by hundreds of aftershocks.

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck hualien in taiwan on april 3 rd, the country’s strongest quake since 1999.

In the immediate aftermath pastor kou of the united prayer alliance led christians in prayers for the disaster area via live streaming. He said:

At this very moment we especially lift up Hualien where the epicenter lies, the devastation is immense. Lord, we implore Your grace and mercy. For those in the midst of this calamity, hold them in Your embrace. Have mercy on them.During this chaotic time, let every church bring a reassuring presence in their communities.Let us all pray, and also engage in relief efforts.May Christians respond appropriately in this hour of need. Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.In Your grace, we pray that You would continue to work miracles in our midst.

According to the ministry of interior, as of 8 a.m. on April 4 Th, Taiwan has witnessed 9 fatalities and 1,938 injuries, with collapsed buildings and highway closures among other damages. Aftershocks continued after the quake. Many buildings were severely damaged, many have lost their homes.

The mustard seed mission, the 1919 relief association, and world vision, promptly initiated disaster responses, providing shelter and temporary housing for affected residents.

Despite homes ravaged, roads collapsed, and various other disasters, god remains our refuge.

Prayers are needed for rebuilding efforts, also pray for peace in people’s hearts.

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