Cyclone Mora


Photo by Ziaul Hoque

Cyclone Mora hit the coast of Bangladesh on May 30, displacing hundreds of thousands of people.

Per AccuWeather, “More than 500,000 people have been displaced by the former Cyclone Mora which brought heavy rain and damaging winds to western Myanmar and Bangladesh on Monday and Tuesday.”

After landfall, at least six people were killed.

CNN explains, “At least six people have died since the cyclone, dubbed Mora, made landfall early Tuesday morning between the cities of Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar and is heading north, authorities in the capital Dhaka said.” The Rohingya, a people living as refugees in Bangladesh from their home country of Myanmar, lost everything including their home and food. They had no way to take care of their children.

Al Jazeera reports what one mother said, “My children are crying for food. I am helpless. I have no money. There’s no hope. I don’t know how I will raise my children.”

Meanwhile, other residents of Bangladesh were looking for ways to get out of the heavy rain and winds in schools and other relief centers organized by the government.

Per CNN, “Residents were seeking shelter in schools and other safe buildings in 17 coastal districts, said Abu Syed Mohammad Hashim, acting director general of the department. Officials have organized 3,800 relief centers ahead of the storm and airports and ports were shut in the worst affected areas.”

The reason the Rohingya got hit so badly, is because they live right on the border of Bangladesh, next to the sea.

Al Jazeera explains, “Bangladesh’s border region, home to around 12,000 Rohingya refugees that fled Myanmar, faced the brunt of the storm. It struck the island of Saint Martin and Teknaf in the coastal district of Cox’s Bazar, where officials said some 200,000 people were evacuated to shelters.”

The storm didn’t only hit Bangladesh, it also moved into Myanmar and northeastern India, both which are experiencing heavy flooding. The rains went down as it hit the Himalayan Mountains of Northeast India.

Accuweather explains, “Despite weakening as it moved inland, Mora continued to produce heavy rainfall as it tracked into northeastern India.”

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Compassion Services is working on rebuilding the lives of those who have been affected by Cyclone Mora. This will include rebuilding believer’s homes.

Per Gospel for Asia (GFA), “Gospel for Asia (GFA) field partners serving in the area [Myanmar] reported 42 homes belonging to believers were destroyed or damaged, along with one Bridge of Hope center. Around 1,000 residents have taken refuge in schools, churches or monasteries.”

Please pray for the recovery process of those who have been affected by Cyclone Mora and that many would experience Christ’s Hope during this time.

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