Death Penalty Over Rapes Upheld by Supreme Court


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Before September of 2013, four men raped and killed a woman in New Delhi.

CNN reports, “Police said the men took turns raping the woman, using an iron rod to violate her as the bus drove around the city for almost an hour. Her male companion was beaten as he tried to fight them off. When they had finished, the men dumped their two victims by the side of the road.”

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the rape victim’s family, much to the delight of the Indian public.

Reuters explains, “Applause broke out in court among relatives of the victim – whose identity is protected by law – as judges explained the crime met the ‘rarest of the rare’ standard required to justify capital punishment in India.”

The rape victim was a 23-year-old medical student. The rape happened on a moving bus.

Per ABC News, “India’s top court on Friday upheld the death sentences of four men who were convicted in the fatal gang-rape and torture of a 23-year-old medical student on a moving bus in the Indian capital nearly five years ago.” Her father saw the Supreme Court’s ruling on upholding the death penalty for her four rape victims not just as a victory for the family, but every woman in India.

Reuters reports, “Her father said: ‘It’s not just a victory for my family, it’s a victory for each and every woman in our country.’”

The rape victim’s mother wants the police to make sure this scenario never plays out in another women’s life.

CNN states, “‘We need to work so that the type of crime that happened to Nirbhaya will not happen again,’ Asha Singh, the victim’s mother, said at a press briefing.”

The rape erupted massive protests and demands on the government to take swift action on the case.

ABC News explains, “The outrage over the New Delhi attack prompted quick action on legislation doubling prison terms for rapists to 20 years and criminalizing voyeurism, stalking and the trafficking of women. Indian lawmakers also voted to lower to 16 from 18 the age at which a person can be tried as an adult for heinous crimes.”

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