Romania’s Top Court uphold Anti-Corruption Law


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Romania’s top court, the Constitutional Court, upheld the anti-corruption law. The anti-corruption law makes it illegal for people who have served jail time to become politicians.

Per Fox News, “Romania’s constitutional court has upheld a law preventing people with convictions from serving as ministers, a victory for the country’s anti-corruption fight.”

There was a huge crowd of protestors, protesting an amendment that would have allowed convicted criminals to serve in office. This was the largest protest since the anti-communist revolution in 1989.

Al Jazeera reports, “The latest demonstrations came two months after the eastern European country witnessed its biggest protest movement since the 1989 anti-communist revolution, after the newly installed Social Democratic government secretly passed an emergency decree to decriminalise some corruption offences involving officials.”

The ironic thing, was that the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) did not support the court’s conclusion.

Radio Free Europe states, “Lawmakers from the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) dominate the committee. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, a Social Democrat, said he did not support the proposed amendments to the amnesty law.”

Dragnea, who Social Democrats want to be prime minister called the law unfair.

Fox News reports, “Dragnea has called the law unfair and many Social Democrats want him to be prime minister.”

The Romanian government originally drafted a bill, which would have pardoned some criminal convictions to reduce the amount of people in Romania.

Per Al Jazeera, “The Romanian government drafted a law to pardon some criminal convictions involving officials citing the need to relieve overcrowded prisons in the country.”

The protests began after a preliminary step was taken in order to pass a law, which would have granted amnesty for those who accepted bribes.

Radio Free Europe explains, “The protests broke out shortly after a parliamentary legal committee approved a draft law that would grant amnesty to people convicted of influence peddling and of offering and receiving bribes. The move is a preliminary step before a full parliamentary vote.”

Protestors were not only asking for the corruption law to be repealed (which it was), but they also asked for the current chairman of the Social Democratic Party to resign.

Fox News states, “Thursday’s ruling deals a blow to the powerful chairman of the Social Democratic Party, Liviu Dragnea, who cannot be prime minister due to a conviction last year for vote rigging.”

The ABWE works in Romania to bring the hope of Christ to the people of Romania.

Per ABWE, “We are working toward creating a mission movement that encompasses evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, mentoring, camp ministry, and children’s ministries, to reach and sustain the spiritually hungry people of Romania.”

Please pray for many people in Romania to come to know Christ’s hope. Pray for wisdom for the government. Pray for a new openness to Christ’s hope.

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