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DALLAS, TX – Launch Global is a faith-based organization helping to prepare young people whom the Lord is calling to unreached people groups. The organization partners with local churches to mentor and deploy young people fully prepared in their heart and mind and soul for the work that awaits them.

Launch Global is a faith-based organization helping to prepare young people whom the Lord is calling to unreached people groups.

Preparation is a journey of discovery, development, and deployment during which future missionaries learn how to become more intimate with the Lord, to work closely with others who are in or preparing for ministry, and to become better aware of what awaits them in the field to which the Lord has called them.


The journey begins with opportunities such as the six-lesson XPLOR Bible Study during which students discover the basics or how the Word, the world, and the work fit together. A 15-week course is available to take students into a more in-depth understanding of how the Lord has equipped and gifted them for the ministry ahead – and how to use those gifts so that when people see their good works, they will glorify our Father in heaven.

Launch Global also offers “a one-day, fast-paced, intensive seminar covering Purpose, Direction, Ambition, and Implementation as they relate to the significant calling of participating in the Great Commission” for local churches.

Another option for the Discovery phase is one-on-one discipleship.


Development consists of three distinct phases: The Missional Community, the Launch Community, and the Launch Team.

The 10-week Missional Community experience involves students in daily time with the Lord, evangelism, praying for the lost, Scripture memory, obedience, and teamwork.

The 9-month Launch Community experience involves students living in a cross-cultural environment and reaching out to other nationalities. The experience prepares students planning to go to unreached peoples within three years or sooner. The curriculum is designed for students to develop a greater passion for Jesus, His kingdom, and Biblically-based strategies of disciple-making.

Launch Teams are comprised of graduates preparing to go together as teams to the unreached. These people continue their training as a team. They are groomed in seven distinct disciplines, such as team building, conflict resolution, ministry planning, and character building.


Deployment is where the preparation evolves into full-time ministry in cooperation with local churches and missions agencies. Launch Global graduates are laboring and harvesting souls around the whole world.

Bob Clincoe, the U.S. Director of Frontiers, gives high praise to Launch Global, saying, “The leaders of Launch Global provide the best training in the world for Christians who want to make disciples among peoples of other cultures. If you want to move from good to great, get started with Launch Global.”

Pray for the Launch Global’s leaders, students, and graduates as the ministry continues to grow and supply laborers for the harvest.

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