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GARLAND, TX – Odds are that you have never heard of Twelve21 Global. That’s because it was founded by Yusuph Emmanuel only two years ago in 2018.

Yusuph knows first-hand what life on the streets is like in a developing country. He grew up as a street kid in the African country of Tanzania. Life is difficult enough as it is for the predominantly poor in emerging nations. Life is many times more challenging for street kids.

Twelve21 Global plants churches that builds schools to establish a pathway out of poverty, and provides healthcare that shows hope in Christ.
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Like Moses in Midian, the Lord can use those hardships and circumstances to shape a man for things to come. Although Yusuph did not realize God’s plan for his life in those days, the Lord was preparing him with a vision for reaching his fellow Tanzanians for Christ. Understanding their needs as he does, Yusuph is uniquely equipped to reach out to his countrymen and women, to present Christ, disciple, educate, and provide the healthcare they so desperately need.

The Twelve21 website is well-constructed. It doesn’t take long to learn what Twelve21 does and how they do it.

They Plant Churches

They use a well-conceived and developed process of Research and Entry, Evangelism, Discipleship & Healthy Church Formation, Leadership Development, and finally, Deploy and Exit.

“As people are saved, we teach them to obey all the commandments of God so that they may grow in their understanding, character, and godly behavior. We help organize disciples into churches that bear the characteristics of a healthy church.”

By the time they exit, the new churches have been equipped with trained local leaders who will carry on shepherding the flock and continuing evangelistic outreach.

To date, Twelve21 has preached the Gospel to more than 6,000 people. From that number, nearly 3,000 have been discipled, and more than 580 have been trained for leadership. Twenty-five new churches have been planted.


Twelve21 does not provide an education for the sake of the proverbial “Three Rs” alone. Their goal is to provide a pathway out of poverty by providing a Christ-centered education.

Their five-fold strategy begins with building a school in an area that has limited or no access to education and locating highly-qualified Christian teachers who love and live for the Lord. Each school has the capacity for 80 students from the start through Grade 7. Twelve21, nonetheless, is committed to encouraging life-long learning.

To date, Twelve21 has established two schools with a complete complement of 160 students. The majority of the students are orphaned or live in a single-parent household.


Once the team understands the medical needs within the communities they serve, they engage doctors and nurses from both the U.S. and Tanzania to participate in short-term mobile clinics.

The clinics administer aid and introduce individuals and communities to the essentials of a healthy lifestyle. Twelve21 believes that up to 70% of the diseases in Tanzania’s communities can be prevented and eradicated as the people become aware of a healthy hygiene regimen.

The mobile clinic serves five communities and has treated more than 2,600 patients.

Twelve21 Global plants healthy local churches that represent God’s kingdom; builds schools to establish a Christ-centered pathway out of poverty; and provides healthcare that is also a channel to share the love and hope available in and through Jesus Christ.

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