Documentary Reveals the Reality of Religious Freedom in Cuba

CUBA — “Cuba Crucis” is a documentary directed by Cuban journalist Yoe Suárez. This documentary gathers testimonies and stories about how the lack of individual freedoms under the communist regime in Cuba affects the religious community and hinders the full practice of faith.

The 52-minute documentary “Cuba Crucis” presents impactful testimonies from religious leaders and activists, revealing the harsh reality of religious life under the communist regime in Cuba.

Yoe Suárez, the director of “Cuba Crucis,” shares his experience during the making of the documentary.

Yoe SuárezDirector of “Cuba Crucis”:

“The main reason behind Cuba Crucis is to demonstrate how the lack of individual freedoms in Cuba – freedom of expression, freedom of association, assembly – affects the full practice of faith for a broad religious community, in this case evangelical. One of the main reasons is because I myself experienced many of these restrictions firsthand as an evangelical. I have been going to church with my family since I was a child and witnessed these injustices up close. It seemed fundamental to me that the world should know about them.”

It is a raw and realistic portrayal of how the lack of religious freedom is experienced in Cuba today. Through its images and testimonies, the documentary prompts reflection on this issue.

Yoe Suárez:

“I believe that if stories are hidden, pushed into a corner media-wise, it does not benefit public debate. I hope that Cuba Crucis, by airing these kinds of stories, can bring a broader audience a perception of what is happening on the island and, of course, garner sympathy from good men and women.”

According to Open Doors’ 2024 World Watch List, the Cuban government is the main reason Christians face persecution on the island. Anything considered a threat or contrary to the Communist Party of Cuba is subject to repression, including the Christian faith.

Suárez hopes that his documentary can spark a dialogue about freedom of conscience in Cuba and beyond.

Yoe Suárez:

“I hope that in the case of my fellow believers, they can pray more for Cuba. Cuba needs Christ; Cuba needs change in so many ways, but we know that true freedom comes from our Lord Jesus. So, I would ask a Christian audience to pray for Cuba. And to a general audience, please share news about what is happening in Cuba so that the world knows the truth and the mask of the socialist system falls.”

The documentary ‘Cuba Crucis’ was fully released through on February 2nd. It can be viewed on this site’s YouTube channel.

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