Friends of Kidnapped Leah Sharibu Share How She’s Encouraged Them

NIGERIA, AFRICA — On the sixth anniversary of Leah Sharibu’s kidnapping in Nigeria, friends of kidnapped share how they’ve been encouraged by her courageous faith – and how they’re hopeful they’ll one day see her again.

Leah Sharibu’s Friends:

Leah is like a sister to me, a very good friend. At the boarding school, we shared the same sleeping bunk. We did almost everything together.

I remember the last time we met. It was on that Monday morning, before the attack.

That evening, after collecting our food, we sat outside when the gunshots started. That shooting got worse. I didn’t realise that she was no longer standing next to me. That was the end, the last time I saw her. I fled towards the fence and climbed over it.

The students were all confused. We were all running to survive. When I heard that Leah had refused to renounce her faith and convert to Islam, I was very happy. She stood firm in her faith. Not everybody will do so. Because of the stance she took, my faith has been strengthened. My own faith has become stronger, because of what she has done.

We were still praying for Leah, that God will work His wonders and show His might concerning Leah.

My prayer for Leah right now is for her to experience that God is with her. That He will never leave her in whichever situation she finds herself. We are praying for her, and we love her.

I know that with God, all things are possible. He can show his grace whenever He deems right. I still have faith that she will come home one day, even if it doesn’t happen soon.

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