Earthquake Aid and Evangelism in Indonesia

JAKARTA – The Indonesian island of Lombok was ravaged by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on 05 August. CBS News reported today that the death toll has reached 426 and more than 350,000 people have been displaced. Indonesia’s national disaster agency estimates that the cost to repair the damage to infrastructure and property will exceed $340 million. Meanwhile, NGO agencies have been responding to provide emergency aid to survivors.

CAMA Services (Compassion and Mercy Associates) is currently focusing on 20,000 people who need immediate assistance. A team of experienced disaster relief specialists will be joining local teams already on the ground. CAMA has established a base for efficient distribution of supplies. A spokesperson said that “It is the team’s desire to serve well so there can be a long-term presence and solid witness during the current relief (and) rehabilitation stages and in the years to come.

Staff from World Vision report that “More than 90 percent of the buildings are damaged or destroyed. Everyone is staying in open areas . . . or moving to higher ground. Many are huddled together under large group tents. People need emergency shelter, food, clean water, and medicines. The children are terrified . . . Everyone in Lombok is panicked and on edge.” A special thanks is due to World Vision. They have no sponsored children on the island. The teams are there to deliver love and aid in the name of Jesus.

Operation Blessing was one of the first teams to arrive at the disaster site. Based on their initial and immediate assessment of the situation on the ground, they called in a medical mission team. They are focusing much of their time working with traumatized children to restore calm in their lives by demonstrating God’s love while alleviating the suffering of disaster victims.

CAMA workers told stories of kids screaming and adults crying out to God. Relief Web reminds us that the tragedy is not over when the tremors end. Sheltering in tents or outdoors can be particularly dangerous for individuals with health problems.

Rute, a displaced villager, grieved that “My husband, Karmadi, is ill and getting worse as we are camping in the open space. He has respiratory problems and it’s not good for him to be exposed to cold air at night under the tent since the quakes hit and forced their people to live in the open air.”

Although the Red Cross has over 400 staff and volunteers on site, they receive reports daily that there are still many people who have been isolated by effects of the quake. They are working diligently to reach those people with food, clean water, and shelter, all of which the survivors need to avoid becoming victims.

Military, corporate, humanitarian, and faith-based organizations are working in concert to save lives on the island.

Pray with us for those in desperate need.

Pray that Christian aid workers will have open doors to share God’s love in word and deed, and that many victims and even other rescuers will come to Christ because of what they see and hear from those who come in the name of the Lord.


Image Source:

  • By President of Indonesia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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