Easter Release of iBIBLE: Genesis Sets the Stage for Unrivaled Animation of Entire Biblical Narrative

DALLAS — Marking a monumental milestone, RevelationMedia will unveil 42 episodes of iBIBLE Genesis, the first completed section of its iBIBLE project, on Easter. iBIBLE is the first-ever animated and interactive presentation of the entire Biblical Narrative, from creation to the second coming of Christ. Upon completion, projected by 2032, the groundbreaking, $25 million dollar, ten-year epic will present the entire Biblical Narrative as one cohesive story across approximately 280 episodes, totaling more than 30 hours of world-class animation and referencing over 20,000 Bible verses.

Through online streaming, believers who cannot celebrate Christmas are able to join live worship & participate in live Bible-based discussionIt will also be available for free to license, distribute and translate into the 7,000+ living languages of the world.

With translators and animators already working around the globe, iBIBLE is different than anything that’s come before it, including the enormously successful ‘JESUS Film,’ seen by tens of millions of people the world over, Executive Director Steve Cleary says.

“Nearly 100% of the world learns visually. An estimated 80% of people are considered oral learners, including those who are illiterate or functionally illiterate. There are nearly seven billion smart (or feature) phones in the world today that can play audio and video files. Globally, the average adult spends over three hours per day on their phone. Youth spend up to five hours per day. Yet the vast majority of today’s resources for Bible engagement are spent on printed Bibles, with a focus on the New Testament alone. A great void exists in presenting the entire story of God’s Word in a format people can and will engage with.”

Featuring a combination of vibrant animation, professionally recorded cinematic audio and on-screen text, iBIBLE will bring God’s Word to all people, including those who cannot read, and those who are functionally illiterate. iBIBLE scripts are compiled exclusively from major Bible translations, including the King James Version (KJV), American Standard Version (ASV), Complete Jewish Version (CJV), and other esteemed translations, and each script undergoes rigorous review by a team of professional pastors, ministry leaders, lay workers, and theologians. The scripts will then be authenticated by SIL International as legitimate translations of the Biblical Narrative.

iBIBLE will also organize all biblical events chronologically, weaving them into a single cohesive story, with each visual element being meticulously researched for historical accuracy.

“We have to think differently about distributing Biblical content,” Cleary says. “We must create and translate a narrative of the entire Bible. A narrative can be translated 10 times faster and for far less money than a complete word-for-word Bible. We take this one step further with iBIBLE. We add video. We only have to create the video once, and it can be replicated millions, even billions of times and used with any language.”

iBIBLE: Genesis will launch on the iBIBLE Web App in five languages: English, Bulgarian, Hindi, Spanish (Latin American) and Swahili, with Farsi available soon after launch. The iBIBLE Web App will also provide 27 AI translations for subtitles and speech.

Beyond the Genesis release, New Testament episodes of ‘The Life of Christ’ will begin releasing this summer with a target completion date of Christmas 2025. Pre-production of Exodus is set to begin later this year, as well.

“We’re blessed to partner with established ministries and translation groups around the world, which helps us prioritize language translations where there are already distribution channels in place,” says Andrea Wilson, Vice President of Communications for RevelationMedia. “By January 2026, we’ll have production teams working on both the Old and New Testament episodes simultaneously.”

Accompanying each episode, the iBIBLE Web App will offer a full suite of resources, including an interactive trivia game, discussion questions, outlines for Sunday School teachers, timelines and details about people and places. The iBIBLE Web App will also incorporate an AI Chat Bot to answer user questions. The answers are locked to a collection of 50,000 articles by respected Christian writers.

Cleary estimates that iBIBLE: Genesis and the Web App will experience one million engagements within the first 90 days of its release.

“For RevelationMedia and iBIBLE, the number one priority is leading people to engage with God’s Word. We will do everything in our power to share Christ and allow people to engage with the Bible. No conditions, no exceptions. And we’ll make it free for missionaries to use around the world.”

The scale and potential impact of the project has not gone unnoticed. Bishop Alan Hawkins, Chief Operating Officer of The Anglican Church in North America, has called iBIBLE “one of the most important translative Gospel tools in the world.”

The iBIBLE Web App will be available to download for free on smartphones, and all iBIBLE episodes, as released, will be available for free on streaming services, YouTube, and the Web App.

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