Providing Homes and the Hope of Jesus in Uganda

UGANDA— Today an estimated 1.3 billion people in the world live with a disability. Many of these people are in developing countries where they have limited access to medical care and mobility equipment. And too often, poverty and discrimination intensify the difficulties of living with a disability.That’s why the Joni and Friends program—Joni’s House—is committed to elevating people with disabilities in Uganda to homes of dignity and sharing the blessed of hope of Jesus with them. This story shows how they are doing exactly that in Uganda.

Anthony BasabaJoni’s House Uganda:

Joni’s House in Uganda is an opportunity for us to show and demonstrate the love of Christ to persons with disability.

Mary Basaba, R.N.Joni’s House Uganda:

We focus actually on medical in two parts. One is on the physical therapy and the occupational therapy side, and then the other is medical bills. The other aspect is house transformations.

Kintu Abdul:

My name is Kintu Abdul. I was born crippled. I was a businessman. Money was stolen from my family. Since I had no capital to continue with my work, I had to go back to the village. I was living in a tent when someone from Joni’s house found me. We tangibly come alongside our neighbours. We look at their housing situation.


I was born with a crippled leg. I used to live with my brother, but he passed away.


Persons with disability often are poor of the poor. Many of them may have given a wheelchair in the past. Yes, they have that wheelchair, but the opportunity for them to have that wheelchair be functioning in their own home was next to non-existent because usually you’d find the doorways being narrow or even they don’t even have a place to place it in.


Village homes are made of dirt, mud and sometimes even cow dung and those create medical problems. They’re not clean, people are frequently on the floor.


And so house transformation became a legitimate need for our people.


Justine had a tiny little piece of land but no house on it. Johnny’s house built her a house. She has been opening up her home, hosting Bible study. She says she used to be shy and not able to talk or didn’t think that people were very friendly or would accept her and now she has a family. She She loves everybody, and so she was praising God. She never would have been able to afford a home, and now she’s using it for God’s glory. She blesses others with the blessing that she received.


Their social capital in the community has been improved. They see themselves as valued and appreciated.


This house has helped me. You know, I have always been discriminated against, Now I have got many friends, they love me. In my heart, I also feel happy and loved.


It’s a miracle to own a house on a piece of land in my name.


People in the community say, “Wow, these people must be different from forgotten people stashed in the back to, oh, this part of our brothers and sisters and elevated to be given homes that are respectable. Many of these people started to talk about, “Why are you doing this for me?” and “Why are you loving me this much?” And that’s when we share the hope that is in us, that is in Christ Jesus.


I thought about it and started going to church because God has done wonders for me. I am happy because Joni’s house constructed this house for me and so that I gained respect in the area. Now I am part of Joni’s house.

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