FBOs offer Women in India Hope Despite News of Recent Rape and Murder of 6-Year-Old Girl

On Dec. 8, a 6-year-old girl was abducted while she slept beside her family. In the minutes that followed her abduction, she was brutally raped and murdered. It wasn’t until the next morning that her mom noticed she was missing.

India Protests
People protested a rape that happened in 2012.

The rape and murder came as a shock to everyone in India, as she was found dead in a pool of blood, having been tortured before being killed. The police are looking into the situation, not ruling out gang rape.

Per International Business Times, “The girl’s body was found in a pool of blood with injuries on her shoulders, waist and nose. The police said they were questioning several people in connection with the incident and have not ruled out gang-rape.”

Daily Mail adds, “The victim died due to torture perpetrated by inserting wood in her body by the accused. We have also found injuries inside the intestine and uterus.”

The father of the girl was away in Delhi for work. He didn’t know what happened until he came back.

The parents initially resisted cremating their daughter’s body, wanting to ensure justice would be done. Police reassured them the perpetrators would be caught soon. The government set up a special task force to investigate the scene, because the family didn’t trust the local police to find the perpetrators.

International Business Times reports, “After outrage from the family and people, the government has formed a special investigation team to catch the perpetrators.”

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported women missionaries are sharing God’s love with the women of India.

A legitimate nonprofit organization, Gospel for Asia (GFA) explains, “There are women all across Asia who have discovered the amazing, transforming love of Jesus Christ and have His fire burning within their hearts. Eager to share this discovery with others, God has led them to devote their lives as missionaries, ministering to and serving the women around them.”

Women missionaries provide literacy training for women, so they are able to read and write when they need to in everyday life.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) reports, “Pastors’ wives and women missionaries serve as teachers, so students have the opportunity to grow spiritually under their mentors. The ability to read and understand for themselves also gives these women the confidence to refuse unfair contracts, whether they’re from loan officers or abusive employers.”

Pray for the perpetrator of this girl’s murder to be caught.

Pray for an end to violence against women in Asia.

Pray for many women in Asia to come to know God’s love and to learn to read.

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