Honor Killing of Dalit Man Leads to Death Penalty of Six Men

Last year in Tamil Nadu, India, six men attacked and killed a Dalit man in broad daylight for marrying a woman of another caste. Marrying outside your caste is unheard of and goes against traditional norms in India, which is why they killed a Dalit. Many times, Dalit cases will go unresolved in court. This was an exception to the norm.

Dalit child in India - Gospel for Asia - KP Yohannan
Many Dalit children are forced to pick through the trash. In Asia, they are seen as the lowest of the low. Source: SuSanA Secretariat

The Hindu reports, “In what is believed to be the first such conviction in a case of murder perpetrated due to caste-based discrimination, a trial court here awarded death penalty to six persons, including the father of a caste Hindu girl, for conspiring and killing a Dalit youth who had fallen in love and married her.”

Sankar and his wife were attacked on March 13, 2016, while outside a shopping complex.

Per BBC, “Sankar, 22, was hacked to death on a crowded road in broad daylight. People watched in horror as the attackers then fled on a motorcycle.”

Sankar’s wife, Kausalya, was badly injured in the attack but not killed.

One of those sentenced to the death penalty was Kausalya’s father. Kausalya feels her father deserves the death penalty for the crimes he and five other men perpetuated. She feels in the future, families in the future will think twice before engaging in honor killings.

India Today reports, “Kausalya, who survived the attack, welcomed the verdict, saying it was ‘a warning bell and deterrent’ to those attempting to indulge in ‘honor killings.’”

Kausalya was upset, however, that her mother and two other relatives were let off by the judge. She appealed to a higher court, so they can judge the case.

“Mr. Sankaranarayanan told The Hindu that the prosecution would study the court order before taking a decision to appeal against the acquittal of the three persons in the case.”

Gospel for Asia (GFA) works among the Dalits by providing a free education for them through Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Bridge of Hope centers. They see the love of Jesus through their teachers.

Please pray for an end to honor killings in India.

Pray for Gospel for Asia (GFA) as they serve among the Dalits.


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