Former Muslim becomes Homeless after Accepting Christ

PAKISTAN — Former Muslim, Abdul spent several years hiding on the roof of his family’s house because he had nowhere else to sleep. His family had completely rejected him after he chose to follow Christ.

Abdul grew up under the Sharia in Pakistan. When he wondered where eternity would go, his uncle told him that he would go to heaven, because he had done a good job. His uncle’s words did not comfort him. Abdul knew that he had not lived a good life. His emptiness became so intense that he contemplated suicide. Abdul shared his dark intentions with a friend, who suggested that he take a Bible course as a correspondence.

When he was studying, Abdul’s eyes opened. He decided to follow Jesus, but his Muslim family did not approve. “He must be expelled,” his uncle shouted, “or I will kill him.” Expelled from his house, Abdul went up to his parents’ roof to sleep at night, because he had nowhere to go. He has been severely persecuted, but he serves his Savior faithfully. He has led other Muslims to Christ.

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