GFA World Expanding Ministry to Africa

WILLS POINT, TX – GFA World (Gospel for Asia) has spent more than 40 years sharing the love of Jesus and ministering to the needs of millions of people in more than a dozen countries in South Asia.

The COVID-19 pandemic engendered extreme hardships for the people in those countries during 2020. Families already faced with marginal resources experienced an unparalleled scarcity of food as supply chains broke down and residents were restricted to their homes. Millions of people living on a meager daily wage suddenly found themselves without a job, an income, and hope.

2020 Was a Good Year

March 2021, the start of the GFA World outreach in Rwanda, Africa, to meet the needs of children, families, & communities in the Kigali slumsThe difficulties of 2020 preeminently published by the media reached around the globe. The year presented obstacles at nearly every turn for the entire population, including GFA World.

However, looking from Heaven’s perspective, the Lord blessed GFA World in 2020 with a year of opportunities and open doors.


GFA World is a faith-based ministry committed to serving the people who are numbered among “the least of these.”

As soon as GFA-affiliated national workers in South Asia began to realize the early stages of the imminent crisis and the rapidly increasing need to stave off the onslaught of starvation, they moved into action. Local pastors reached out to community leaders to obtain permission to obtain and distribute foodstuffs to needy families. In some cases, not only did they gain permission, but local officials often accompanied them in their efforts.

As this was happening across South Asia, GFA World opened the doors of its headquarter campus in Wills Point, Texas, as a distribution point for the Farm to Families food program. Texas families received tens of thousands of pounds of food and milk on multiple occasions.

Open Doors

For some, 2020 was a year of a cup between half full and empty. For GFA World, it was a year of praying, planning, and watch the Lord fill their cup to overflowing.

Forced by pandemic travel restrictions to remain in the U.S. during nearly all of 2020, K.P. Yohannan and his team prepared to walk through doors that the Lord had begun to open in 2018.

Those open doors are on the continent of Africa. More than 1.2 billion people, one-fifth of the entire world population, live in Africa. Not only is Africa the poorest of all the continents, but it is also home to 13 of the world’s least evangelized nations.

Famine, disease, and civil wars have ravaged Rwanda and the entire continent, resulting in nearly half the population being under the age of 15 and, therefore, extremely vulnerable to a continuing life of poverty.

Work has already begun in Rwanda with a vision to continue to expand to other countries in Africa as the Lord leads.

March 2021 marked the official start of GFA World’s outreach in Rwanda to help meet the needs of children, families, and communities within the Kigali slums.

The preparation is complete. The prayers and planning continue. Africa awaits.

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