‘Historic’ Outreach in Rome

ROME, ITALY — More than 10,000 people from all around Italy attended the Noi Festival in the Palazzo dello Sport—Roma to hear a message from Franklin Graham. More than 500 people responded to the evangelist’s invitation to receive Jesus Christ, during this historic outreach, the first of its kind in Rome.

When I saw that idea of trying to bring churches together caught my attention. I said, “If God is doing something, I want to be part of it.”

Franklin Graham:

For the first time, the churches have come together, united, and prayed to win this city to Christ. This is the time for Rome.

If you come to Christ tonight, you’ve got to follow Him. He’s got to become the Lord of your life. Will you trust Him? Will you invite Christ to come into your life? If you’ve never done that, if you’re here tonight and you’re not sure that your sins are forgiven, you can make sure right now. You’re not coming to Franklin Graham. How can I save you? You’re coming to Jesus Christ. So come. Jesus is not dead. He’s alive. He’s here in Rome tonight.

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Source: Global News Alliance, ‘Historic’ Outreach in Rome

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