Hundreds of Thousands in the UK To ‘Shine Their Light’ This Christmas

UK — A UK Christmas campaign ‘Shine Your Light’ is calling hundreds of thousands to unite in towns, villages and cities this Christmas to take the message outdoors.

The vision for Shine Your Light is that the whole church across England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic stand united to share the Gospel to the whole of society this Christmas. Every local church and believer is being encouraged to be a light to shine to brighten up the whole country like a Christmas tree.

“What if the whole church gathered together in unity to celebrate Christmas, shining their light?”

A UK Christmas campaign, Shine Your Light, has been launched to call hundreds of thousands of Christians to unite in towns, villages and cities to share the real reason for the season out on the streets through open air services. The initiative is led by the National Day of prayer and worship in collaboration with many denominations and key ministries and adopts convener Jonathan Ollie says this campaign comes off the back of their recent Back to Pentecost initiative and the response has already been overwhelming.

Jonathan Ollie:

We’ve invited the whole church, all the denominations to take part in stepping out to shopping malls, high streets, pubs, even railway stations and different parts of the public spaces and places and to our surprise all of the denominations have said yes they’re going to go ahead with this. They all like the idea.

And the hope is that at least half a million Christians from all denominations will take to the streets this Christmas to shine their light across the nation.

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