Air Raid Alert Opens Ministry Opportunity to Ukraine’s Troops

UKRAINE — When a team from Christian organization recently went to reach out to the soldiers serving on the front lines in Ukraine an air raid alert helped them to overcome barriers to get alongside the troops and share God’s love in action.

A team from Christian organisation ANTS recently provided spiritual support to soldiers serving on the front lines in south and east Ukraine as well as bringing them vital aid supplies.

Team member Valeri explains how an air raid siren opened up opportunities for them to minister to the troops as they took shelter in a basement.

ValeriTeam member:

In the beginning, guys are trying not to speak to you and say “we are not interested to speak to you”. Igar was starting playing the guitar, but then they have on their radios that “Airstrike” is coming and we have the command to go to the basement. And Igar started playing guitar in the basement. And after that, we were praying about the guys. The situation has changed and they already started to talk with us and we understand that that’s how God is working with the soldiers.

And as God continues to work through this organization, ANTS, the teams are planning more aid and ministry trips to those on the front lines in the coming months.


We are a group of Christian volunteers who evacuated from Kyiv, Donetsk and Dnipro. UA.Ants and our loyal friends and partners always make it our number one priority to respond quickly to the needs of both our army and civilians on and around the territory of the front lines. We are convinced we must keep doing what we’re doing in order to bring victory closer. We need the volunteer superpower! Please keep pressing on with us and continue supporting us.

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