Hundreds Respond at Franklin Graham’s God Loves Your Tour in Poland

POLAND — Hundreds responded to Franklin Graham’s invitation to put their faith and trust in Jesus at his recent God Loves You Tour outreach in Poland.

13,200 people filled the TAURON Arena in Krakow to hear a message of hope and God’s love from the evangelist.

Over 420 churches from 15 denominations throughout Poland partnered with Franklin Graham and BGEA for the Bóg Cię Kocha Tour. These churches invited thousands of people from communities across the country to come to the free event and BGEA offered free transportation on hundreds of buses.

Welcome to Kraków!

Franklin Graham:

Jesus is not dead. He’s here tonight at Kraków.

If you’re willing to repent and confess your sins and come to Jesus Christ tonight in faith, God will forgive you and cleanse you. Come to Jesus tonight. Trust Him as your Savior. Come tonight, come. Come to Jesus.

Participant 1:

I feel the Holy Spirit in this place. This is amazing.

Participant 2:

I felt the heat in my heart and I knew it was Him.

Participant 3:

I decided to come to God and to say I’m sorry God, I’ve sinned against you.

Franklin Graham:

What a night!

About the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Founded by Billy Graham in 1950, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association shares the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world. Franklin Graham is continuing the lifelong work of his father, and since his first evangelistic event in 1989, he has held more than 325 outreaches in 55 countries. Before Graham brings the God Loves You Frontera Tour to 10 cities along the U.S.-Mexico border, he will preach in Mexico City on Feb. 17 and 18. Graham is also looking forward to preaching in Krakow, Poland; Birmingham, England; Glasgow, Scotland; Naples, Italy; and Can Tho, Vietnam, this year.

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