iBIBLE’s ‘The Real Story of Jesus’ Receives Funding for 100 Additional Language Translations

RICHARDSON, TX — U.S.-based RevelationMedia announced two significant milestones today in its groundbreaking iBIBLE initiative. First, the overwhelming success of an iBIBLE special episode, The Real Story of Jesus, that presents the story of Jesus from creation to His second coming. Since its release on December 3, the ministry reports, more than 1,290,000 people have watched the episode worldwide, and over 89,000 have indicated a decision to follow Christ. This news is extraordinary considering that this episode has only been released in eleven languages so far.

The success of an iBIBLE special episode, The Real Story of Jesus, that presents the story of Jesus from creation to His second coming.
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Second, RevelationMedia has announced that the ministry has officially received the funding to translate The Real Story of Jesusinto more than 100 additional languages, bringing the total number of translations in production to 113, and increasing the reach of the episode nearly tenfold in less than a year.

“The overwhelming response to The Real Story of Jesus gives us a window into the work that God is doing around the world to draw people to Himself,” says Andrea Wilson, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at RevelationMedia. “Adults and children worldwide are hearing the story of Jesus in their own language in a visual format they can engage with–many of whom may not have heard the name of Jesus. Funding 100 additional languages is a beautiful beginning, and we’re just getting started.”

Among the next languages to release are Amharic, Brazilian Portuguese, Cantonese and Egyptian Arabic. RevelationMedia has three main priorities in choosing languages to translate episodes into: First, the languages of established translation partners, as their lines of distribution are already established; second, gateway languages that will provide a base language for additional translations (such as Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic); and third, languages with high social media engagement.

Samuel, the director of iBIBLE Himalayan Outreach reported the impact of The Real Story of Jesus from the mission field: “After the teacher showed the episode in Hindi, she asked the students who Jesus was. The students, who were only around 6 years old, shouted ‘Jesus is our Savior!’ followed by ‘We love Jesus!’ They kept shouting ‘We love Jesus’ over and over, and even the teacher could not quiet them down!”

RevelationMedia aims to provide a comprehensive, visual and interactive presentation of the entire Biblical Narrative from Genesis to Revelation. This initiative is called iBIBLE. The ten-year, $25 million production will include approximately 280 episodes, totaling over 30 hours of world-class animation and referencing more than 20,000 Bible verses. RevelationMedia recently revealed plans to unveil 42 episodes of iBIBLE Genesis on Easter.

As part of its mission to make the Word of God accessible to every tribe, tongue, and nation, iBIBLE will be made available for free licensing, distribution, and translation into the 7,000+ living languages of the world.

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