Christians Discovered and Arrested in Iran

IRAN — Those Christians who are Iranian who want to live their faith in Jesus freely are often sent to prison, where they are frequently tortured and interrogated.

They flee the persecution that plagues the country, becoming refugees in other nations. Kouroush is one of them.


I had to leave everything behind. My country, my friends, I lost everything. I didn’t kill anyone. I didn’t steal anything. I didn’t do anything illegal. I only knew Jesus and I gave myself to Him with all my heart. The circumstances are difficult. Many flee alone. As soon as they found out that I had accepted Jesus Christ, they arrested me and tortured me. When they released me from prison, they found out that I had not stopped meeting other Christians. I had to flee Iran because if they arrested me again, they would never release me again. I don’t even know how to describe what I felt. It was a mixture of fear, sadness and confusion. I wondered why I was here. Why had I lost everything? My family, my city, my country. I always told Jesus, “I have lost everything, but I have you.” And that was my only consolation.

Kouroush has been in Turkey for six years, but he still remembers his first weeks as a refugee. There, Christians will be able to receive pastoral care, Christian material, and emergency aid.


Finding Iranian refugees who are able to support you is a great challenge for people who come to Turkey. We need a reliable place, people who really help us. When I remember the first time I came to Turkey, I am sure that if I had a place like this, it would have been easier to relate to the Iranians and other Persian-speaking Christians. The expectation of my heart is to see through these centers of hope the beginning of a beautiful ministry. And for this to come true, we need your prayers. Our prayers get what we cannot with our own hands.

About Open Doors UK

Open Doors is a non-denominational mission that supports persecuted Christians in over 70 countries where Christianity is socially or legally discouraged or oppressed. In their work, they provide vital support, training, and resources to those facing persecution or discrimination.

Resources that they provide include distributing Bibles and literature, running leadership training, assisting with socio-economic development and intercessory prayer. They also help victims of violence and disaster, including widows and orphans, with practical support such as relief aid, livelihood support, and community development projects.

Their vision is of a world in which every Christian who is persecuted is remembered and supported by other Christians. They pray for a world where there is no persecution.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Christian is Discovered and Arrested in Iran

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