London High-Rise Apartment Fire


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In mid-June, a high- rise apartment in London caught on fire. The Prime Minister ordered an investigation into the fire.

Per ABC, “The blaze engulfed the 24-storey building in west London in the early hours of Wednesday, and Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May ordered a full public inquiry on Thursday.”

At one time, the death toll rose drastically to 30 people, while most police officers thought the death toll would rise to over 100.

Fox News reports, “The death toll jumped significantly on Friday and is expected to rise as firefighters continue to search the smoldering ruins of Grenfell Tower in West London. Some have speculated that the number of dead could exceed 100.”

There is a mystery of how the fire started. Police think the fire did not start deliberately, though they were investigating whether there was any criminal intent.

ABC Explains, “Police said although initial report suggested the fire was not lit deliberately, the investigation would continue to examine if any criminal offences had been committed.”

There were 70 people who were reported unaccounted for. Also, 24 people were being treated for bad injuries in the hospital. Half of them were in critical condition.

Fox News states, “About 70 people are missing after a list of verified reports were compiled, Britain Press Association reported. Authorities have not issued an exact figure at this time.Twenty-four people are being treated in the hospital, including 12 in critical care. British Prime Minister Theresa May paid a visit to the survivors after touring the devastation the day before.”

Some committed suicide not wanting to be engulfed by the flames and hoping there would be someone below them who could save them. Some families dropped children, hoping they would survive.

Per ABC, “Some jumped to their deaths rather than face the flames, and witnesses reported seeing small children thrown from the tower by their families in a desperate bid to survive.”

Families were looking for their loved and had lots of sorrow. Their sorrow turned to anger and they lashed out at Prime Minister May who visited the site.

Fox News reports, “Families searching for their loved ones have blanketed the area near the tower with posters searching for answers, and sorrow is quickly turning to anger over whether recent building works were properly done. About 600 people lived in the 120-apartment building. Residents and victims have expressed outrage at May during her site visit.”

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association sent out rapid response teams to the site, to comfort family members and bring Christ’s hope to the families affected.

Please pray for families to be comforted and they would come to know Christ’s hope.

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