Measuring Ministry on the Mission Field

“A sustainable outcome is the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely.”
—Sustainability Outcomes

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”
—Peter Drucker, business leader and author

WILLS POINT, TX – Gospel for Asia (GFA) – The two opening quotes are truths that cannot be ignored whether improving your golf game, building a business or managing a ministry.

Gospel for Asia has been building a ministry that enables the work in the field to be sustainable and grow throughout Asia.

Imagine a golfer not counting his strokes. Not only would he not know his score, he would not know if he was improving his game as he played more rounds.

We usually think of measuring quantity. How many of this do we have, or how many of that did we give? However, measuring for the success and sustainability of a ministry must also consider quality.

Measuring results is absolutely imperative to determine what a ministry must do to grow. If a golfer is three-putting every green, he knows that he can cut 18 strokes off his game by improving his putting until he can two-putt every green.

The question for the golfer then is, “What do I need to do to improve my putting?”

We’ll let the golfer decide what he should do. Our focus is on the mission field.

Take Jesus Wells for instance. Many missionary, humanitarian and governmental agencies drill wells in remote South Asian villages. Some wells are only available to select individuals, families or groups. The quantity of wells is one measurement, but sustainable success requires more.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) not only digs Jesus Wells, but they also make them available to the entire community. Then, they help to maintain the wells, and they train people in the community to service them so that the gift of clean water will be sustainable for years to come.

Jesus Wells are just one example of what Gospel for Asia (GFA) does to sustain its impact in outlying villages where people need to know about the love of Jesus—a love that never ends.

In 2018 alone, Gospel for Asia (GFA) drilled 4,712 Jesus Wells across Asia for communities and individuals needing clean, safe drinking water.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) can ensure the sustainability of wells, toilets, Bridge of Hope centers, women’s training and literacy classes, and medical care through the work of local, Gospel for Asia-supported pastors and missionaries. No effective change, as the United Nations is beginning to learn, can be sustained at a global or national level. Successful change takes place at the local level.

However, in order for local change to be sustainable over a large area, it must be coordinated and cohesive across communities. It takes organization to manage the quantity and quality of progress across multiple villages, cities, states and regions.

Training indigenous pastors and missionaries requires appropriate facilities. Aiding disaster victims requires preparedness facilities and inventories. Operational efficiency and integrity require a central location from which empowerment flows to the local churches.

The work of Gospel for Asia (GFA) in Asia is approaching its 40th anniversary. Forty years is evidence of sustainability.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) is grateful for those people who have been faithful over the years during the good times and bad as they seek to share the love of the Lord and demonstrate His kindness through the gift of His Son, Jesus.

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