A Christian Family from Chiapas Organizes Aid Campaign for Immigrants

MEXICO — In the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, an entire family organized a humanitarian aid campaign for immigrants from Central America and Venezuela. The people received food, clothing, Bibles, and, in addition, a message of hope in Jesus.

Isa Vásquez reports from Chiapas.

An entire family organized this weekend an activity of compassion in favor of about 250 migrants who, after the American dream, are stranded at the OCC terminal of Tuxla Gutierrez, Chiapas.

Friends, families and brothers of Christian faith attended this call, who with their donations, time and talents attended children and adults. First, they organized the migrants in a row so that they could choose the clothes to wear and at the same time medical attention was given and haircuts.

After everyone had the opportunity to choose clothes or shoes, the spiritual food came. A message of salvation, strength and hope that concluded with an unanimous prayer.

At the end, they immediately proceeded with the distribution of food and drinks in the same order of the line, but seated on the sidewalk is where each one received their food.

Most have migrated from Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador or Venezuela. Some have been traveling for two months and all do so with the desire to be able to arrive in the United States of America. But with the weight of hunger and thirst, which has deteriorated the health of Barrios.

In the activity of compassion, they tried to give enough portions of food and supplies for dinner.

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