Colombian Boy Survived FARC Attack, then Comes to Christ and Shares God’s Love with Rebels

COLOMBIA — At the age of 10, Luis survived an attack by the FARC on his village in one of the “red zones” of Colombia. After accepting Christ at the age of 13, he knew that God was calling him to serve villages like his own. This is a report from The Voice of the Martyrs about persecution in Latin American areas.


When the police arrived, they rescued his father. Louis learned that many of his friends had died in the attack. Despite all this, at the age of 13, Louis gave his life to Christ and began to testify to those same guerrillas, giving them new testaments and telling them, “Jesus loves you despite all the pain you have caused.”

Today, Louis works as a pastor and knows that God loves him. He is a man of faith, who knows that paramilitary groups visit his church and report on his activities, which represents a threat to his life. But Luis is not afraid, because his heart is full of God’s love for reaching the lost. I pray that we can share Luis’ commitment and share Jesus’ love with others.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Colombian Boy Survives FARC Attack

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