Nigerian Boy’s Dream to be a Doctor

PLATEAU STATE, NIGERIA — Sele was very young when his father was murdered for his faith. It was part of a wave of violence in Nigeria’s Plateau State. Now Sele is 13, and has hope for the future to save lives a doctor through schooling paid for by Open Doors partners.

For many Christian children this Christmas someone will be missing from their celebrations.

Sele Solomon:

My name is Sele Solomon. I am from Plateau State, Nigeria. I am thirteen years old.

CeceliaSele’s Mother:

Sele doesn’t know his daddy. He died when he was still small. My husband died in 2011. It was a Sunday. He called me and told me he was at the market. We suddenly started to hear gunfire. There was smoke everywhere. We sat all day waiting for him to come home. It became night but my husband never came back.

Sele’s father Solomon was the sole provider for his family. His death meant Sele’s family could not afford to send Sele to school.


I thank God that Open Doors helped me especially with Sele. They constantly come and visit me and provide money for his school fees.


I love my school because my teachers teach me very well. They help me become what I want to be in the future. My favourite subject is mathematics because I love calculating. One day, I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I want to save lives and help people.


If it was not for your support for Sele. I don’t know how I would have put him through school. I call the office and tell them about his good results. They say ‘well done.’


My favourite Bible story is David and Goliath because I want to be like David who had faith in God and defeat Goliath.

Merry Christmas, everybody. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for the Christmas gift. God bless you.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Nigerian Boy’s Dream to be a Doctor

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