Persecuted Christians in the Middle East Receive Vital Winter Supplies

MIDDLE EAST — As winter continues, persecuted Christians in the Muslim world are facing hunger and bitter cold. When humanitarian aid does make it to these areas for distribution, Christians are overlooked — intentionally left out by authorities because of their faith. They cling fervently to Christ despite all opposition and hardship.In response the Help The Persecuted on-the-ground Field Ministry Teams are delivering winter supplies through local churches throughout the Middle East.

Persecuted Christians in the Muslim world are struggling with a lack of access to basic essentials at this time as they are often the last to receive humanitarian aid by authorities because of their faith. In response Christian charity Help The Persecuted has field ministry teams providing critical winter supplies throughout the region.

And as they distribute items including food packs, warm clothing, bedding and heating supplies they’ve also been hosting Christmas outreach events to bring the hope of Christ to those in desperate need.

Their CEO and President Joshua Youssef explains why this ministry is so vital in countries like Syria.

Joshua Youssef Help The Persecuted CEO and President:

The heating, the cost of gas and for goods and services is more than what the population can handle. And when you have a minority population in a majority Muslim context it can really be even more challenging than what the average man on the street faces.

And we felt like we needed to do something and we did a shoe distribution for kids whose shoes had run out. We’ve done food distributions for folks all in the context of through the local church.

And Youssef is urging prayer for their field ministry teams who are facing their own challenges as they continue to distribute these vital supplies.

With all of their challenges and all of their problems whether it be financial or spiritual or persecution they are always so strong and faithful to go and minister to people. Just pray that they will continue to persevere through this winter season through their own challenges.

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  1. Hello, I have been tortured, threatened and expelled from home because of my conversion to Christianity. Please help me

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