Predisan: Proclaiming Jesus & Healing Lives in Honduras

CATACAMAS, HONDURAS – The mission of Predisan is “Proclaiming Jesus and Healing Lives” in Honduras. Their objective is to help the Honduran people realize their inherent worth and wholeness, as God intended in His redemptive plan.


Predisan mission is “Proclaiming Jesus & Healing Lives” in Honduras helping them realize their inherent worth and wholeness, as God intendedThe name Predisan is a mashup of two Spanish words that, individually, mean ‘to proclaim’ and ‘to serve.’ The origin of the name embodies the command of Jesus recorded in Luke 9:2. “He sent [His disciples] to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.”

Predisan began in 1986 when Dr. Robert Clark and his family moved to Honduras with the simple goal of teaching Hondurans basic healthcare principles and techniques in the urban barrios and the outlying mountain villages. Dr. Amanda Madrid, a native Honduran and licensed physician, joined Predisan as its first medical director in 1987. Within a very short time thereafter, Drs. Madrid and Clark established the Center for Rehabilitation of Patients with Addictions (CEREPA) and the Good Samaritan Clinic.

Activity & Accomplishments

Over the ensuing years, the clinic has evolved into the Good Samaritan Medical Center, providing training for healthcare professionals and “quality, comprehensive healthcare service for adults and children with specialized care in Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Physical Therapy, Gynecology, Reproductive Health, Gastroenterology, Dentistry, Urology, and Orthopedics.”

The medical center is replete with surgical suites licensed by the Honduran Ministry of Health, a pharmacy, laboratory, radiology unit, dental clinic, physical therapy facility, and a women’s center. The Dayspring Chapel is located at the center of the facility’s interior gardens, with easy access for patients and providers alike.

The CEREPA center continues to transform the lives of Hondurans trapped in the grasp of various addictive behaviors.

Providing holistic health requires the creation of a healthy environment that includes immediate access to clean water, safe sanitation facilities, better education, and both youth and community programs. Predisan acquires community “buy-in” on every initiative by requiring each community to put “skin in the game” by investing their own time and resources along with Predisan’s Healthy Communities program.


Predisan’s healthcare facilities were the first in the country to be named a Certified Primary Healthcare Provider by the Honduran Ministry of Health.

In addition, The Inter-American Development Bank recently recognized Predisan’s healthcare network as the best Primary Care Program in Honduras.

In 2019 alone,

  • 17 full-time pastors collaborated with Predisan to engage in over 5,300 pastoral visits and more than 1,600 counseling sessions.
  • Predisan’s Healthy Communities Program has built 50 sanitary latrines and provided for more than 3,600 children in the Healthy Schools Program.
  • Predisan’s healthcare network has engaged in over 250,000 patient encounters, including 465 babies safely delivered at its 35 facilities.

One of the most impressive statements on the Predisan website is not a cry for help during the COVID-19 crisis. It is a proclamation.

Predisan keeps proclaiming and healing.

May we all keep on proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.

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