Reaching Every Home for Christ

COLORADO SPRINGS – What if it were our assignment to reach every home for Christ? Could it be done? How would we do that?

Every Home for Christ enters into partnership w/ believers in more than 130 countries. They distribute Gospel literature until every home has been reached.

Well, it is our assignment. Our commission began when the Lord Jesus Christ Himself gave His disciples the task of reaching the entire world with the Good News that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. That through Him we can have access to God the Father and everlasting life.

Can it be done? If Jesus said it can be done, it can. And He has the authority and the power to enable us to do so.

But the question remains. How can we do it?

Looking back over 2,000 years, we can see that there are many effective ways to share the Gospel. Ministries use multiple methods to share the message. Different strategies for different situations. Different approaches to advance the Gospel.

Every Home for Christ is a ministry that grew out of the vision of World Literature Crusade founded in 1946 by Canadian pastor, Jack McAlister. The radio ministry of World Literature Crusade originated from KGER in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. McAlister encouraged listeners to sponsor Gospel literature distribution campaigns around the world.

During a trip to Tokyo, McAlister and a friend became overwhelmed by the masses of people in the city. They began praying over maps of the city, asking the Lord, “How can we reach everybody and have a measurable sense of what has been accomplished?”

The ministry of what is now Every Home for Christ emerged with a vision, a strategy, and a commitment to accountability for Measuring Ministry on the Mission Field.

The approach is simple and effective. Everybody lives somewhere. Every Home for Christ enters into partnership with believers in more than 130 countries. Together, they systematically map out communities, then distribute Gospel literature door-to-door until every home has been reached. But the effort extends beyond the initial outreach to include follow-up and discipleship.

According to Every Home for Christ’s website,

“In the last 5 years alone, we have reached over 400 million homes and followed-up to disciple over 70 million people who have responded to the Gospel.”

Under the continuing leadership of Dick Eastman, the ministry has “systematically and strategically” distributed 4.3 billion pieces of Gospel literature to more than 2.0 billion homes with more than 211 million confirmed decisions of people committing to follow Christ.

To ensure that those who have become believers are not left in isolation, Every Home for Christ has helped to establish nearly 350,000 “Christ Groups” where believers can worship, fellowship, and be discipled together from the Bible.

The ministry is currently reaching an average of 342,012 homes with an average of 53,422 people responding to the Gospel every day.

In 1957, Dr. Oswald J. Smith, the pastor of People’s Church in Toronto and the originator of faith promise offerings to support missions, referred to Every Home for Christ, saying:

“There is nothing (else) like this happening in the entire world.”

His statement is still true today as the ministry fills a unique niche enabling believers to reach others for Christ.

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