Russia Attacks Ukraine on 25th Anniversary of Independence

By Qypchak

In late August of 2016, Russia attacked Ukraine while it was celebrating its Independence from the former USSR.

CNN reports, “On the day of his country’s 25th anniversary of independence from the Soviet Union, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is warning that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants ‘the whole Ukraine’ to be part of the ‘Russian Empire.’”

Currently, the Eastern part of Ukraine is territory of Russia.

According to The Guardian, “Shortly the airport and other territory was seized by the separatists, backed by a contingent of regular Russian troops who the Kremlin denies were there, a peace deal was signed in Minsk. Full-scale fighting has stopped since then, but skirmishes continue on almost a daily basis. August has been the worst month for a long time.”

Despite these peace deals, fighting continues on.

Ukraine Today explains, “Militants violated the ceasefire 59 times.” With all the violence, the Good News continues to be spread throughout Ukraine.

Mission Network News Reports, “As the region becomes more unstable, SGA’s chief concern is for the evangelical churches they serve, the protection of the churches, and praying for God’s blessing as they share the love of Christ and the life-changing Gospel. In the days ahead, a traditional approach to ‘missions’ may not be possible.”

Please pray for Ukraine, that there would be an end to the fighting between Ukraine and Russia. Please pray for the Christians in Ukraine, that the they would be able to thrive in the midst of the violence.

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