Evangelical elected as mayor in Rio de Janeiro

Evangelical-elected-as mayor

By Adelano Lázaro

In late October, Marcello Crivella was elected to be mayor in Rio de Janeiro. Crivella is a devoted Evangelical.

According to CNN, “Rio de Janeiro, the city of sunshine and samba, elected a former evangelical bishop mayor in a municipal election that signals Brazil’s politics are shifting right after 13 years of national leftist rule.”

Some of Crivella’s past statements have created controversy in Brazil.

The BBC explains, “During campaigning the 59-year-old faced uproar over comments made in a 1999 book where he described homosexuality as evil and the Roman Catholic church as demonic.”

Despite his ties to these comments, Crivella won the election by nearly 20 percent.

Yahoo News reports, “Crivella — a bishop in the giant Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, founded by his billionaire uncle — won with an easy 59.4 to 40.6 percent, final results showed.”

The ABWE works to bring the Good News to the downtrodden in Brazil. ABWE reached out to Lucas, whose alcoholic father died.

According to the ABWE, “ABWE missionaries were able to show families like Lucas’ a love which they had been seeking, but never able to find.”
Please pray for Mayor Crivella, that he would have wisdom on how to best lead the people of Rio de Janeiro. Pray for the ABWE, that they would be able to reach more people in Brazil with the Good News.

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