Russia Won’t Return Crimea

Photo by Alexander Noskin

Russia refuses to return Crimea to Ukraine, despite the fact the United States asked them to return the territory.

Haaretz reports, “Russia will not return Crimea to Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday, a day after the White House said U.S. President Donald Trump expects Moscow to do so.”

The Russian government gave the reason that Crimea is part of the Russian Federation.

CNN explains, “Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman told reporters Wednesday during a weekly news conference: ‘We’re not returning our territory. Crimea is part of the Russian Federation.’”

Trump also hopes the violence in Ukraine will end. He also wants to get along with Russia.

RT states, “‘President Trump has made it very clear that he expects the Russian government to de-escalate violence in the Ukraine and return Crimea’ Spicer said at the daily news briefing on Tuesday. ‘At the same time, he fully expects to-and wants-get along with Russia.’”

Russia refuses to discuss Crimea, stating that they discuss with no one territorial disputes.

Haaretz reports, “A Kremlin spokesman later said he will not discuss Crimea because Russia does not discuss its territorial integrity with foreign partners.”

While on the campaign trail, President Trump remained neutral on Russia and Crimea, thinking it was a problem only Europe should take care of. He went on to explain the United States should only get involved, if Europe couldn’t deal with it.

Per CNN, “President Trump had previously buoyed the kremlin’s claim in Crimea. In July, on the campaign trail Trump had said that the Ukraine crisis was ‘more of a Europe problem,’ and that the United States should only step in on Crimea if European countries ask for help. He has also criticized NATO-traditionally the West’s bulwark against Russian aggression–for being outdated.”

The Russian Envoy cited the Constitution and said the citizens of Crimea voted to become part of Russia in 2004.

RT explains, “Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin responded by citing the US Constitution and pointing out that Crimeans overwhelmingly voted to join Russia, after the US- backed coup in February 2014 overthrew the elected government in Kiev.”

The Slavic Gospel Association is seeking to reach the most remote parts of Russia with Christ’s hope by sending missionaries with airplanes.

Mission Network News states, “‘Many of these villages and towns are reachable only by airplane, and that makes it difficult to get the Gospel to these folks [in far east Russia]. And so, the Lord has marvelously provided a partner organization called, Kingdom Air Corps, based out of Alaska that has already, for many years, been training Russian pilots.’”

Pray for an end to this confrontation between the United States and Russia. Pray for wisdom on Crimea. Pray for Christ’s hope to come to those areas in Russia where no one knows Christ’s hope.

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