Susannah Koh Speaks Out on the Trial of Her Abducted Husband

MALAYSIA — More than six years after abducted husband, Pastor Raymond Koh, was kidnapped in Malaysia, his wife Susanna is pleased that a trial into the abduction has finally started. After two days of statements and questioning earlier this month, the trial resumed on June 20th.


Susanna shares her reflections on the trial of her husband’s abduction in Malaysia. The trial dates were set for June 6th and 7th, with Susanna requesting prayers for wisdom, protection, truth, justice, and breakthrough. The opening statement presented by Susanna’s lawyer outlined the grounds for action against the government and the defendants. The hearing included questioning of four witnesses, including those who saw the incident, witnessed the abduction process, and observed events before and after the abduction.


I can say that I feel vindicated that we have been able to come so far that we can have this court case and that the story, our story is being heard through the press, through the news, through the court, and we are hopeful that we can get the justice that we want.

The family requested prayers for wisdom for the lawyers, witnesses, and the judge. On the second day of the trial, cross-examination of the first witness took place before the judge adjourned the case. The next court dates are scheduled for June 20, 2023, November 6-7, 2023, May 27-30, 2024, and June 4-6, 2024.

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