The Testimony of a Wuhan, China, Coronavirus Survivor

WUHAN, CHINA — Wuhan, China, is recognized as the city with the first victims of coronavirus, the pandemic that’s now rocking the globe. The first cases appeared in December, 2019, and over the next months the highly-contagious virus spread rapidly throughout China and the world. One of the early Wuhan victims was Christian music producer Xiong Yan. Here’s the inspiring story of what he experienced as God brought him through the the pandemic.

Xiong Yan

I hadn’t eaten anything for two or three days. At first I was comatose.. Then I had no appetite at all. I lost all sense of smell and taste.

A sudden outbreak of Coronavirus caught the citizens of Wuhan off guard. Early one morning, Xiong Yan went out to buy groceries. When he returned home, he found himself critically ill.

By 10:30 I had very severe diarrhea. I completely collapsed. Even though I had no symptoms beforehand. I heard a voice saying, “This is the king of viruses”. I had already seen an announcement. Listing the emergency helplines for each neighborhood. But by then the phone lines were already too busy. Class mates working in the hospital told me. “Don’t come here. The hospital is already jam-packed. if you come, you’ll risk exposing yourself. It’s too dangerous. I told my wife, “I can’t hold on anymore. Take good care of our children.” I quarantined myself in a room. Then I lost consciousness.

During the 2 days Xiong Yan was in a coma, god revealed to him how he would be healed.

God showed me the promise of the Passover. I will make a covenant with you. Whichever cell bears my mark, the destroyer will not enter. After all, this coronavirus is an RNA virus. It has no nucleus so it needs to find a host. It has to find a nucleus to survive.

I saw the virus approach a cell. And just as it’s written in the Passover verse, it passed over. It went on to the next cell, yet every cell bore the mark of God. So the virus retreated in vain. I could feel the healing power of the Lamb’s blood. It was so real. Immunity is the mark. That God put on my cells. This is immunity.

Another revelation I had, was that the cry of my spirit, called out to God so fast It was like the speed of light. When we pray with our mindsit is like the speed of a rocket, at most. I was in such critical condition. I could only cry out for help with my spirit. I was completely immobile so I had no other way. I had no logic, no cognition. My mind and my body stopped working. But my spirit was alive. While its movement and activity were beyond my control. My spirit was under God’s control.

During this illness God actually brought me to heaven and hell. I saw the gates of hell. So different from the gates of heaven. The gates of hell were overcrowded. Jam packed with people. All lined up to enter hell. On all of their faces, I saw a word written: “Unwilling.” Then I looked up and saw the gates of heaven. Few people were there. It was so sad to see. Heaven is so beautiful. Yet it’s almost deserted. The sight was too heart breaking. But seeing the gates of hell and that long line – I just felt such despair. God just showed me this. He didn’t say anything to me. But the vision gave me a sense of purpose. To bring all people into God’s family, an everlasting place where we belong. Our hope lies in an everlasting home, not hell.

The coronavirus is not as frightening as a soul without a home. The moment I told my wife, “I want to eat dumplings.” I knew I was completely healed.

After recovering, Xiong Yan immediately joined local efforts to fight the epidemic in Wuhan.

The immunity that science and medicine speak of, this immunity is truly found in Jesus Christ. Human beings are weak, but God is strong. He’s our ever present help in trouble.

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