Ukraine Churches Baptize Many New Believers

UKRAINE — Since the war began Russia has targeted faith-based locations all over Ukraine. Pastors have been killed. Ukraine Churches have been emptied because Ukrainians are fleeing for their lives.
But the church is growing. According to Mission Eurasia there were 4,000 baptisms in 2022 in the Union of Evangelical Christians – Baptists alone, and this is happening across every evangelical denomination.

A report released by Christian charity Mission Eurasia says despite so many churches being emptied since the war began in Ukraine, Baptist congregations are growing rapidly throughout the country, with many thousands of new believers being baptized. And they say this is happening in every evangelical denomination there.

Igor Bandura Vice President of the Baptist Union of Ukraine:

At least 25,000 new people started to come to local churches on a regular weekly basis. All these people never visited Baptist churches before the war.

When we got information how many people our churches baptized during the summertime, We were pleased to know that more than 3,000 new people have been baptised and most of them are the people that came to churches after the war began.

And as so many thousands of new believers are experiencing God’s peace in the midst of war, it’s the Church’s prayer that this will result in a long-lasting spiritual revival throughout every denomination in Ukraine.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Ukraine Churches Baptize Many New Believers

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