Vision 2025 Publishes First Annual Report

ATLANTA, GA – When Mission’s Box News introduced our readers to Vision 2025 in February 2019, we asked Dr. Michael Youssef if he really believes that it is possible to lead 1,000,000 people to Christ by 2025. This is what he said:

“God has given us the goal and positioned us to reach it. The infrastructure is in place. We have 30 years of experience. Without Him, we are powerless. With Him, all things are possible.”

“God has given us the Vision 2025 goal and positioned us to reach it. Without Him, we are powerless. With Him, all things are possible.”

Last week, Dr. Youssef’s ministry, Leading the Way, released its first annual report with a status update for all seven of the Vision 2025 goals.

  1. Double the media footprint to reach more people.

Leading the Way added 10 new airtimes during 2019, expanding its audience to as many as 50 million more viewers in North America. What is more, Leading the Way received the National Religious Broadcasters’ award for “producing the most compelling, relevant, informative, personable program on Christian radio.”

  1. Reach Muslims here at home.

The team is in the early stages of expanding radio broadcasts in Arabic and establishing a field presence in Dearborn, Chicago, and New York City.

  1. Expand a discipleship network in the Middle East

Three new field team members have been commissioned. They are introducing Muslims to Jesus and helping to establish underground churches. On average, field team members interact with 70 people each week.

  1. Double the audience of THE KINGDOM SAT network

Now in its 10th year of operations, THE KINGDOM SAT network increased its number of live broadcasts from two to 15. Plans are already underway to expand to 64 live broadcasts in 2020 under a banner of “No editing. No gimmicks. Just Gospel.”

  1. Host strategic evangelistic events

To build a network of churches engaged in ongoing discipleship, Leading the Way is praying and planning for upcoming evangelistic events. Groundwork is being laid with appearances by Dr. Youssef on secular television and radio networks. His newest book, The Third Jihad, is reaching an audience of “non-Christian readers with an interest in global politics.”

  1. Distribute 100,000 more Navigators

Leading the Way’s Navigators are pocket-sized, solar-powered digital mobile devices that are preloaded with audio Bibles and Bible-based materials in over 30 different languages. During this first year of Vision 2025, more than 13,700 Navigators have been distributed in nine countries, including Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Pakistan, Jordan, and Guatemala.

  1. Target a new generation

The Vision 2025 goal is to develop and deploy content that addresses the most profound questions and needs of Millennials. To this end, Dr. Youssef’s son has launched a podcast called Candid Conversations with Jonathan Youssef. The project has also begun new Bible-teaching channels on Apple TV and Roku.

Continue to pray for Vision 2025. As the last page of its first annual report reads, “This is only the beginning.”

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