Worke’s Witness: Christian Convert Testifies to God’s Help in East Africa Despite Violent Persecution

EAST AFRICA — For years, Worke*, a Christian convert in East Africa, outwardly acted like a Muslim while secretly holding onto Jesus in her heart. But after her husband died of an illness, she openly embraced her faith in Christ – and his family strongly opposed it.

*Name changed for security reasons

Worke from East Africa is singing, “Jesus is mighty, I am a witness, Jesus is mighty.”


Because I myself am a witness, I really love that song. God is really amazing. Just the fact that I am here now, I would have been dead, but Christ, and you guys, helped me. I heard about Christ in my hometown. There was a church there, not far from our house. So, late at night, when my parents were sleeping, I would go there with a friend from the neighborhood. But then I had to marry a Muslim, because both my mother and father were Muslims.

For years, Worke outwardly acted like a Muslim, while secretly holding on to Jesus in her heart. But after her husband died of an illness, she openly embraced her faith in Christ, and his family strongly opposed it.


They threw me out of my house. They told the community around who were Muslims that I was an infidel and caused me a lot of stress. They would also say, “You are not human and anyone who eats from your hands is also not human.” They all hated me. His family hated me. The things I went through at that time were very difficult. But Christians helped me and encouraged me not to be down.

Then, in 2016, Worke suffered a violent attack on her home that could easily have killed her.


They had come and put fuel all over the house. I didn’t realize that. When I lit a match, my hands caught fire. And when my hands caught fire, I tried to take off the scarf I was wearing. And when I did that, my hair caught fire. I don’t know what happened after that. People took me to the hospital. I was in intensive care for about three months. I was unconscious.

Woke suffered third-degree burns in the attack. She still has painful scars and experiences memory loss. But despite everything, she is holding on to her faith in Christ.


When I worry, I read the Bible. I read about the people in there, what happened to them and what they went through because of Christ. When I read the story of Job, I think that it’s not much that I have going on. God will return everything to me. Whenever I get worried, that’s what I try to remember. God helped me. I thank him. I thank him for helping me. I will live for him.

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