WEC – No Sacrifice Can Be Too Great

FORT WASHINGTON, PA – The staff and missionaries at World Evangelization for Christ (WEC International) live according to this well-known statement of its founder, and missionary to the world, C.T. Studd.

“If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for him.”

One of the distinctives of WEC is that the organization continues to conduct the entirety of its work without making any appeals for funds.

In fact, it was this firm belief that led him to begin new missionary work in the perilous region of equatorial Africa. When, because of his failing health, he could raise no support for his mission, the man who had worked alongside the likes of Hudson Taylor and George Muller, determined that he would literally step out in faith.

Studd reckoned that because the Lord was calling him to Africa, He would also supply all that was needed to establish and maintain the envisioned mission. Except for a brief return to England, Studd preached the Gospel to the unreached in the Congo from 1913 until 1931. During that time, he was able to establish four mission stations from which he and his compatriots reached out to win souls and make disciples.

Today, 1,800 WEC intercultural missionaries labor for the Lord among 130 different people groups in 70 countries across Africa, Asia, Oceana, Europe, and the Americas. As well, WEC is distinct among faith-based organizations and ministries in that they remain absolutely faithful to trusting God

“to supply all we need to accomplish His plan for our lives and ministries despite opposition, difficulties, and apparent impossibilities.”

For that reason, one of the convictions and, therefore, one of the distinctives, of WEC is that the organization continues to conduct the entirety of its work without making any appeals for funds. Which, after all, is what faith-based literally means.

Another thing that makes WEC distinctive is its commitment to “full participation and oneness in decision-making.” Recognizing that the Holy Spirit is never divided, WEC field teams make strategic, local decisions autonomously flowing from communal prayer that leads to unanimity with accountability.

Living life without building up earthly treasures is a hallmark of WEC. Because all personal or corporate earthly treasures will never last, team members are committed to pursuing the heavenly goals to which they are called.

Furthermore, WEC teams nurture an authentic spiritual community that reflects the Lord’s leadership rather than any one individual.

In its own words, WEC believes that:

“Mission means proclaiming and living out the biblical truth that the gospel is God’s good news for individual persons, and for society, and in fact, for the whole of creation. All three are broken and suffering because of sin; all three are included in the redeeming love and mission of God.”

In summary, WEC International exists to build the church, serve society, and care for all of creation.

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