Xuan’s Brave Witness in Vietnam

VIETNAM — When Xuan* converted away from tribal, animistic beliefs, her Hmong community told her she could be a Christian, as long as she didn’t evangelise. But Xuan visits houses in Vietnam in the dead of night as a Brave Witness to tell people about Jesus…


There are no churches in my area. We just worship the Lord in our private homes. It is impossible to visit us because the local authorities will monitor us and they do not let anyone visit the Christians there.

Xuan had to travel for 10 hours to meet with Open Door’s partners, as it was too risky for them to visit her village. She’s from the Hamong tribe in central Vietnam, where most people follow the traditional animistic practices. But in 2009, when she and her child both fell sick, Xuan turned to Christianity.


During that time, I had somebody say that if we believed in God, He would heal both of our sicknesses. In that year, both of us were healed because we trusted in the Lord. God saved us.

But after Xuan converted, the leaders of her community wanted her to leave and they confiscated her cattle.


The local authority always persecutes the new converts in that area. They force the believers to give up their faith. The local authority will pressure the husbands of converts to leave their wives. If they do not do that, the local authority will cut the support they get from social policies.

Xuan’s non-Christian husband protected her and prevented the authorities from expelling her from their village. And so the officials told her that she could carry on as a Christian, as long as she did not evangelise others.


I did not follow their demand. I still shared the gospel with others in my community. Now there are more Christians in my community. However, I evangelize in secret. I go to evangelize by walking to the people near where I live, and I visit their houses at night. I think that I will not forsake my mission. If the local authorities catch me, then I will just let them do anything. Even if they kill me, if they kill me, I die for the Lord.

Despite the pressure she faces, Xuan draws strength from God as she calls on Him in prayer.


I feel that prayer is powerful because it can heal me, save me and others. It helps me to stand strong in my faith also.

*Name changed for security reasons

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