Yemen facing the ravages of war and malnourishment



By Bernard Gagnon (Own work)

Since the war hit Yemen, there has been a rising amount of poverty and malnutrition in the country.

AP reports, “International agencies have classified Hodeidah among nine of Yemen’s 22 provinces that are a step away from famine. A U.N. report in June said that in Yemen, ‘the highest malnutrition prevalence’ is in Hodeidah.” While the children have been the most affected, the mothers are no longer able to provide for the children.

Buzzfeed explains, “The conflict has pushed the country to the brink of famine; in many remote villages, mothers themselves are too malnourished to feed their children.”

The United Nations is trying to help those affected by malnourishment, but the supplies are too little.

According to CNN, “It has split these rations so it can reach 6 million people every month, but resources are beginning to run out.”

Operation Mobilization is working to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Yemen.

According to Operation Mobilization, “The work has comprised friendship evangelism and practical service in this the poorest Arab country.”

Please pray for the country of Yemen to be provided with aid, so the people don’t have to live in malnutrition. Even more important, pray that the people of Yemen would see Christ’s hope through the missionaries of Operation Mobilization.

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