Rohingya in Bangladesh Moved to Uninhabited Island

Displaced Rohingya of Mayanmar to Bangladesh
Photo of Rohingya by Foreign and Commonwealth Office – Flickr, OGL, 2

The Rohingya of Myanmar is one of the most persecuted group in the world. They have no home.

Per Fox News, “Some 300,000 Rohingya Muslims have lived in Bangladesh for decades after fleeing there from neighboring Myanmar in the face of persecution by its military and majority Buddhists.”

Many of the Rohingya are forced into refugee camps in Bangladesh. Many of these refugee camps are filled to the brim.

Al Jazeera reports, “The camp at Leda looks cramped. The facility is squalid and lacks basic amenities. Children roam around the narrow rows of tin and bamboo huts. They lack access to education, medical care and sanitation.”

More recently, though, Bangladesh has been wanting to move these refugees to an uninhabitable island. This island is murky and is low land, making it prone to flooding.

The New York Times explains, “Bangladesh’s government is moving forward with a plan to relocate Rohingya refugees staying in camps near the country’s largest tourist resort towns to a remote island that is underwater for much of the year.”

Even though it seems like the Rohingya aren’t cared for by anyone, Christian Aid Mission is working to share Christ’s love to all the ethnic groups in Bangladesh.

Per Christian Aid Mission, “Because of extreme poverty, tribal churches cannot contribute enough to support the work of BTMB, including Bible training for native missionaries, church planting, evangelism outreaches, Christian schools, food distribution and medical clinics. But with help from Christian Aid Mission, the ministry has incorporated these essential elements into their outreach efforts.”

Please pray for missionaries to share Christ’s hope with the Rohingya and for better treatment of the Rohingya.

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