Alarming Rise in Islamist Violence Against Christians in Nigeria

NIGERIA — A new report highlights the alarming scale of rising violence in Nigeria as terrorists attempt to Islamise the nation — Much of that violence is directed against Christians. Andrew Boyd reports.

Release International has warned that Nigeria is fast becoming a persecution hotspot. And Open Doors estimates more Christians are killed there than in any other country.

Benjamin Kwashi is the Anglican Archbishop of Jos, and a partner of Release International. He warns that terrorists are determined to turn Africa’s most populous nation into an Islamist state.

Boko Haram has since joined forces with ISWAP, Isis in West Africa. And they’ve teamed up. They have one goal to Islamise, Nigeria. So, the first target is the church.

A new report by the International Organization for Peace Building and Social Justice warns the rise in Islamist extremism is threatening to destabilize the region.

Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi says the violence has sharpened the focus of the church in Nigeria.

We are not giving up. We will not be defeated. Jesus has risen from the dead. And believe me, we have a Gospel worth living for and a Gospel worth proclaiming and dying for.

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