Major Beirut Explosion Followed by Calls For Prayers for Peace and Healing

BEIRUT — A massive explosion in the Lebanese capital Beirut early Tuesday evening (August 4) has left thousands wounded and caused extensive damage according to early reports.

“Everyone is in shock and devastated by what has happened. Our staff is all accounted for, but the SAT-7 studios have suffered minor damage. Please pray for calm for everyone in Lebanon,” shared SAT-7’s Executive Director in Lebanon, Maroun Bou Rached.

Lebanon has been struggling with economic collapse since the local currency plummeted and families across the country are already living in dire circumstances and the current struggles between Israel and Hezbollah have added to the tension in the country.

Juliana Sfeir – SAT-7 Academy Brand Manager

This place witnessed something we have never witnessed before in all of our years in the civil war. This tragedy today amounts to 135 deaths to 5,000 injured. A lot of people missing, 300,000 families homeless. The explosion also destroyed a lot of goods at the port. We hear about wheat for instance, stacks of medicine and every day we hear of new shortages.

Behind me is one of the initiatives of the youth of Lebanon, youth of Beirut, cleaning, distributing water to those who are volunteering. Distributing sandwiches, bread to the old people to all those who live alone.

The Lebanese people today need hope. They have lost hope in their politicians. They have lost hope in the future. Please pray for protection from another civil war. Please pray for protection from immigration as well. A lot of our young people will want to leave now. Please pray for us here at SAT-7 to be the church that heals. To be the wounded church that will be able to extend healing to the people on the air and on the ground.

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