Christian Charity Supports Anti-Trafficking Campaign During Tokyo Games

TOKYO, JAPAN – Throughout the Tokyo Games several high profile athletes are lending their support to an anti-trafficking campaign called It’s A Penalty. They are featured in a 30 second video appearing on video screens across the city through the Olympics highlighting the need to bring an end to abuse and exploitation. And in partnership with It’s A Penalty a hotline has been set up by Christian charity Zoe Japan where people can report cases of trafficking.

Anti-trafficking group It’s A Penalty is broadcasting a video on screens across Tokyo throughout the games featuring several high profile athletes highlighting the need to bring an end to abuse and exploitation.

Yuri Osborne from Christian charity Zoe Japan which helps to rescue and restore exploited children. She explains how they’re supporting the campaign with a human trafficking hotline.

“If they want to discuss a case about children they can press number one and that goes through to our number. And if they want to talk about sex trafficking victims that goes to a certain organization number that they are specialized in. So we established a hotline system.”

Osborne says it’s vital that Japan wakes up to this issue.

“Japan has a big need for education and raising awareness. And that’s something that we really need to work on. But it’s very difficult to do that in Japan because of the shame based and fear based culture. And having this It’s A Penalty campaign coming to Japan and having this huge exposure with this term clearly and loudly saying we have to do something and then saying, “Please report to this number if you see something.” I think this is a very big opportunity.”

Beyond the games Zoe Japan will continue in its mission to ensure every child they help will experience God’s love and restoration.

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